Planet Playhouse opened in August 2019 with a team dedicated to serving young children and their families. Founders of the facility wanted to bring a fun, new, vibrant, friendly, clean, safe playground to the San Francisco area. Stonestown Galleria Mall was the perfect location to settle into since there wasn’t a playground on site for children to escape to as their parents got a break as well.

Planet Playhouse values the importance of physical activity and mental activity. Our playground brings out the exercise in all, again both physical exercise and mental exercise. The combination of selected toys helps children build their motor skills, balance, cardio, strength, confidence and growth in experiencing and trying new things.

About Our Facility
Planet Playhouse is suitable for children of all abilities, ages 10 and under, offering a wide variety of activities.  Our Playhouse understands the importance of killing germs and viruses. We clean our playground multiple times a day to ensure you and your little one does not catch any harmful bacteria. We also screen children before coming in, and ask parents to kindly bring their child another day when they are feeling at their 100% to play and run around with others. We highly encourage all guests to sanitize their hands, along with their children’s hands before and after play. Our entire facility is a no-shoe, socks only playground. Studies show that 421,000 units of bacteria are found on the outside of the shoe. Therefore, shoes off & socks on before entering our front gate into the playground to protect us all from unwanted germs and diseases.

Our friendly staff is highly equipped to fight germs off, all day, every day. They are always on the lookout to clean up any left behind germs. Our staff enforces policies to keep Planet Playhouse clean and safe.