Where you can safely and securely drop off your child with us while running mall errands, child free!

Pricing: $13 / hour per child

Can military discounts be applied to this admission?

No. Military discounts are only applicable to regular drop in admission.


Are drop offs at anytime?

Everyday, following store hours.


How can parents reserve a spot?

Through Pearachute. They can also pay in advance in store, or over the phone.


Do parents have to reserve in advance?

Yes. We are not accepting drop in – drop offs. 24 hour notice needed.


When do we take a payment?

Payments are taken at the time of booking.


What if a parent pays for 1 hour in advance but day of the parent wants to drop off for a longer duration?

That is fine. A parent can pay for more time day of.


What if a parent pays for only 1 hour but is late coming back?

It is a $1.00 per extra minute the parent is late back. The parent can always give the store a call during their time away and let staff know they want to add more time. They don’t have to physically come back to the store to do so.


Where can the parents go when they drop off their kids?

They must stay inside the mall premises. Drop offs is not a day care option. It is an option for parents to run quick mall errands with their hands free of children.


How many children can we watch?

5 children per staff member. But child must be able to play independently. We only provide general supervision.


Do they have to be potty trained?

No. Child at least has to be diaper trained. We cannot provide assistance inside restroom or change any diapers. We advise parents to change diaper before dropping off.


Do we provide anything for the children?

No. We are only providing general supervision. The child must be able to play independently and not need our assistance, unless it is an emergency situation.


Will it be discounted if a parent comes in during pajama play to drop off?

No discounts apply for drop off option during pajama play duration.


How will staff know what children are from general admission versus the children who are dropped off?

Drop off children will have name tags.


Do parents have to fill out a different waiver?  



Do parents have to fill out the waiver every time they come in to drop off?  

No, accounts will be updated letting staff know that the drop off waiver was filled out previously.


Can parents and children stay to play after the drop off time has expired?

Yes. At no extra charge.


What if a child needs medical attention?

Parents are contacted first, immediately. CPR/ first aid will be conducted during this time if necessary. Staff will contact 9-1-1 for urgent emergencies, and if parents are not responding via telephone.


How do we contact parents?

Via cell phone. During check in, phone number checks are required. We will call the parent with the store phone to make sure the parent has a working phone with great connection.


If I drop off my child, can my partner be the one to pick the child up?

No. The same person who drops off the child must be the same one to pick up the child.