Month to month memberships available. No contracts, no auto-renewal, no hassle.

Pricing: $65.00 first child / $35.00 second child


How much are memberships?

$65 for the first child, $35 for the second child.

Can a membership bought for one child be used for their sibling?

No. Separate memberships must be bought for individual siblings.


How do we keep track of which child has a membership and ones that do not?

Pictures of children must be taken and applied to their correct corresponding name under their parent’s account.


What if a parent does not want their child’s picture taken?

They are more than welcome to be in the picture with their child, but photos are required to keep track of memberships. We do not release these photos anywhere.


What do memberships include?

10% off snacks / food, drinks, and birthday party packages.


Does the 10% off include birthday party deposits?

No. The 10% only counts towards the overall birthday party bill.


What if a customer books a party when their membership is active but the actual party date doesn’t fall during the membership duration, will the 10% still be applied to their bill?

No. Customers must reactive their membership if they would like the 10% off their overall bill.


How can parents pay for a membership?

In person with cash or card. They can also pay over the phone. Online option TBA.


How long do the memberships last?

Memberships are on a month-to-month basis.


Can a parent pay for more than 1 month at a time?

Yes. They are able to pay for up to 6 months at a time if they would like to. Please keep in mind that there are no refunds, or partial refunds in case you decide you no longer want the membership.


Do parents have to fill out a contract?



Do memberships automatically renew?

No. Parents have to renew them after their month has expired.


How do we know when memberships expire?

It will say the expiration date of your membership on your customer account. Staff will inform you when your membership is about to expire.


Do military discounts apply for membership pricing?

No. Military discounts only apply to general admission pricing.


Can memberships be used for special admissions, such as drop off play or date night play?

No. If a member wants to do a drop off, it is at the full drop off rate, and same thing goes for date night drop off.